Bulk Carrier Safety And Inspections

Who Should Attend: Senior Deck Officers who will embark in a bulk carrier and perform task as cargo officer.
Scope: Course covers safe cargo handling during loading discharging and transport according regulatory framework ( IMSBC CODE, BLU CODE & SOLAS XII)
Duration: 3 DAYS
Documentation  Reference: IMSBC CODE, BLU CODE & SOLAS XI
Learning Objectives: · Existence of IMSBC CODE and proper usage

· Determine safety standards during cargo operations

· Proper handling of ventilation

· Knowledge of ballast operations and structural matters

Language: Course delivery in Greek/English while training materials in English
Instructor: Qualified Captain with experience in cargo loading/discharging & safety matters

Webinar Price: 750€

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    Bulk Carrier Safety And Inspections

    Duration: 3 Days
    Instructor: Evangelos Sioulas