Company Security Officer & Internal Auditor

Who Should Attend: CSOs, Office Staff, All Officers
Scope: To provide knowledge to those designated to perform duties of CSO and other security duties on a managerial and operational level, on the ISPS Code requirements including SSA process, ensure effective implementation of the SSP with emphasis on measures per level, weapons recognition, devices, suspects & contingency planning, as per new STCW requirements.
Duration: 2 Days
Documentation Reference: STCW 78/95 (2010), Section, Table A-VI/5

ISPS Code, Part A & B, Par. 13

IMO Model Courses 3.20 (Edition 2011/CSO)

ISO 19011 Standard


Learning Objectives: ·      SOLAS, STCW & ISPS Code Requirements

·      Responsibilities of Governments, Companies, Ships and Port Facilities

·      CSO & Master Duties

·      Ship Security Assessment Process

·      Ship Security Plan Structure – Contents & Confidentiality Issues

·      Security & Communication Equipment

·      Recognition of Weapons, Devices & Dangerous Substances

·      Security Threats and Tactics, Physical & Cyber Systems

·      Anti Piracy Best Management Practices

·      On-board Security Measures per Level

·      Security Contingency Plans

·      Training – Drills – Exercises – Records

·      Audit Process – Requirements – Techniques

·      Workshop with Practical Scenarios & Case Studies

Training Methodology: A combination of lecture through PowerPoint presentation, checklists, case studies and written assessment.
Language: Course delivery in Greek/English while training materials in English.

Webinar Price: 500€

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    Company Security Officer & Internal Auditor

    Duration: 2 Days
    Instructors: Paraskevopoulos Vasileios, Evangelos Sioulas