KH (Kelvin Hughes Company) Type Specific ECDIS Training

Who Should Attend: All Deck Officers
Scope: To train Officers in charge of a navigational watch in the basic theory and operation of KH ECDIS for maintaining the safety of navigation, Familiarization/explanation of KH ECDIS menus and general functions, practice in setting up and maintaining KH ECDIS, planning-monitoring a route and updating the charts.  In addition, to train Masters and Chief Officers to use ECDIS in management of operational procedures, system files and data and for assisting command decision-making.
Duration: 15 Hrs / 2 Days
Documentation  Reference: HBK-4001 Part 1& 2 (A to Z Operator’s Guide – Chart Maintenance, Route Planning and Ancillary Information)
Learning Objectives: · Description of the General Layout in KH ECDIS MANTA DIGITAL Displays

· Description/Explanation of KH ECDIS Functions

· Description/Explanation of KH ECDIS Menus

· Setting of Safety Parameters in KH ECDIS

· Recognition of Alarms and warnings  and the Actions to be Taken

· Route Planning/Route Validation

· Route Monitoring

· Data Logging and ECDIS Data Management

· Integration with Other Navigational Systems (RADAR/AIS/ARPA)

· Chart  Installation and Updating

· Simulation and set up mode

· Back up and Restore

Training Methodology: A combination of lecture through PowerPoint presentation and practical exercises with KH ECDIS PC Simulation Software and real KH ECDIS Console.

Webinar Price 500€

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    KH (Kelvin Hughes Company) Type Specific ECDIS Training

    Duration: 2 Days / 15hrs
    Instructor: Konstantinos Karagiannis