Risk Assessment & Incident Investigation in Shipping

Title: Risk Assessment & Incident Investigation in Shipping
Who Should Attend: All Managers, All Office Staff, All Officers
Scope: To describe the risk assessment tools and practices, and to define the incident investigation process, with practical case study workshops.
Duration: 10 Hrs / 2 Days
Documentation Reference: 1.       ISM Code Elements 1.2 & 9 (2015 Update)

2.       ISO 31000:2009 Standard

3.       IMO Model Course 3.11

4.       TMSA 3

5.       Industry best practices

Learning Objectives: ·          Marine Accidents & Source of Risk

·          The nature of Risk

·          The Legal environment

·          Assessment of Consequences & Probabilities

·          Risk Mitigation & Categorization – Risk Assessment Matrix

·         Accidents / Incidents / Near Misses & Main Causes

·         Investigation Process Outline

·       Identification of Direct Causes, Contributing Factors & Root Causes

·       Analysis Process, Preventive & Corrective Measures

Training Methodology: Primarily based on theoretical lecturing and practical exercises, sharing of personal experiences, ability tests, experiential exercises and case study workshops. Methodology is based on reflective learning techniques, as far as the material permits. Video & case studies are used throughout. Customer-specific cases are welcome.

Webinar price: 500€

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    Risk Assessment & Incident Investigation in Shipping

    Duration: 2 Days / 10hrs Instructor: Nikolaos A. Aslanis