Ship Security Officer (SSO)


Who Should Attend:


CSOs/SSOs/DPAs, Office Staff, All Officers

 Scope: To provide knowledge to those designated to perform duties of CSO, SSO and other personnel involved in implementing the ISPS Code. It cover implementation practices of ISPS Code, ship security, understanding of SSA process, implementation of SSP with emphasis on measures per level, weapons recognition, devices, anti-piracy and armed robbery training and  contingency planning.
Duration: 2 Days / 16 hrs
 Documentation Reference: STCW 2010, Reg. A-VI/5, Section & Table A-VI/5


IMO Model Courses 3.19 (SSO, 2012 Edition), 3.20 (CSO, 2011 Edition), 3.23 (AntiPiracy & Armed Robbery, 2011 Edition)

IMO MSC Circulars 1235 & 1334,  BMP (as amended)

Cyprus Ministry of Communication & Works, DMS, Law N. 77(I)/2012 (Regulation of Piracy and Armed Robbery  Unlawful Acts against Cyprus Flagged Vessels)

 Learning Objectives: · SOLAS, STCW & ISPS Code Requirements

· Responsibilities of Governments, Companies, Ships and Port Facilities

· CSO, SSO & Master Duties

· Ship Security Assessment Process

· Ship Security Plan Structure – Contents & Confidentiality Issues

· Security & Communication Equipment

· Recognition of Weapons, Devices & Dangerous Substances

· Security Threats and Tactics

· Anti Piracy Best Management Practices

· On-board Security Measures per Level

· Security Contingency Plans

· Training – Drills – Exercises – Records

· Workshop with Practical Scenarios & Case Studies

Training Methodology: A combination of lecture through PowerPoint presentation, checklists, case studies and written assessment.

Webinar Price: 500€

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